Detailed Introduction to the Waste Sludge Treatment Plant

In order to curb water pollution, there have been developments including wastewater treatment by wastewater treatment plants which have been effective in containing wastewater. But as a result, there has been the production of sewage sludge which consists of water, organic and mineral solids which are pollutants in wastewater. Problems have arisen on how to effectively deal with the sewage sludge resulting from wastewater treatment in an eco-friendly way. This has led to the development of sewage sludge treatment systems which help in handling the disposal of sewage sludge.

Composition of sewage sludge

Sewage sludge consists of organic and inorganic materials, organic chemicals, major elements such as nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium and trace elements such as mercury, lead, zinc, selenium and copper. Sludge is also composed of plant nutrients and some pathogens as a result of microbial activity.

Sludge Treatment Plant
Waste Sludge Treatment System

Process of sewage sludge treatment

After the production of sewage sludge by water treatment plants, it is pumped to an offsite place where treatment is carried out. The sludge treatment equipment involves different processes as below;

1.Sludge stabilization

This involves the process of decomposing of organic solids into stable substances, reduction of pathogens. This is achieved by the addition of chemicals into the sludge and thus inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.
This results in volume reduction in overall volume, elimination of bad odors as a result of microbial activity and also the production of methane gas which can be reused.

Stabilization is achieved by different processes including;

•Anaerobic digestion; this involves the decomposition of organic acids in the absence of oxygen resulting in the production of carbon dioxide and methane gas by the processes of hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis and methanogenesis. This increases the solid content, reduces the number of pathogens and maintains the available plant nutrients.

•Aerobic digestion; this involves the supply of sludge with oxygen allowing the microorganisms to feed on the sludge and once it’s depleted, they start feeding on their phytoplasm to produce a result the cell tissue is oxidised to produce ammonia, water and carbon dioxide. This results in the reduction of nitrogen and reduction of volatile solids.

Pasteurization; this involves the heating of the sludge contents at a temperature of 70 degrees for a period of 30 minutes resulting in the destruction of pathogens.

Sewage Sludge Treatment Plant
Sewage Sludge Carbonization Machine

2. Sludge dewatering and thickening

This process involves the removal of water from the liquid sludge resulting in a reduction of the volume of sludge to almost half its original volume. This involves three processes as below;

  • Thickening; it involves the use of around gravity tank whereby the sludge is poured and allowed to settle allowing the thick sludge to settle on the bottom while the less dense sludge settles on the top. The thickened sludge is collected from the bottom of the tank. Thickening can also be achieved by the introduction of air into the sludge allowing water to escape thus enabling the high-density sludge to settle on the bottom.
  • Dewatering; it involves the removal of moisture from the sludge content making it easier to handle. This is achieved by either air drying on drying beds, centrifugation or belt pressing. Drying beds are preferred in the dewatering process due to their efficiency, high quality of the end product, low costs and do not require a lot of monitoring.
  • Carbonization Process. The carbonization process is a very important method to turn waste sludge into energy and fuel. It is a high-temperature and zero-oxygen process. You can get charcoal from the process from the waste sludge.

3.Sludge disposal

Sewage sludge disposal can be done in different ways which each having both positive and negative outcomes. The most common ways of sewage disposal include;


  • Sewage sludge incineration has various advantages such as reduction of the heavy metal content by concentrating it in the ash, it enables phosphorus recovery, complete reduction of pathogens and allows chemical materials to decompose completely.
  • Some of the disadvantages of sludge incineration include the loss of nitrogen, release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and it is quite expensive.


Landfilling is a simple process and environmentally friendly process as it combats the spread of the pollutants. However, landfilling is associated with disadvantages such as the limited recovery of the nutrients, leaching of contaminants to groundwater that can lead to serious health effects and also release of unpleasant odours to the environment.

•Agricultural application

  • Agricultural application has the advantages of obtaining cheap fertilizers, allowing complete nutrient recovery and also low disposal costs.
  • Some of the disadvantages involved with the agricultural application include the addition of heavy metals into the soil and spread of the pathogens contained in the sewage sludge.

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How To Make Charcoal from Sawdust in South Africa

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Sawdust Charcoal
Sawdust Charcoal

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The Benefits Of Investing In A Biochar Making Machine in South Africa

If you are planning to invest in a charcoal making machine in south africa, you have come to the right place. There are many advantages of investing in a biochar making machine. In fact, biochar is charcoal that is made from biomass such as straw and wood. It is manufactured to be used in soil. Heat is applied to the biomass in the absence of oxygen. The heat would bake the biomass and release flammable gases. The remaining component is a solid carbon structure – charcoal. Charcoal is considered a great soil amendment – it can absorb and hold air, water, and nutrients – as well as – make these components available to plants.

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How To Find The Best Price On The Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine

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Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine
Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine

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If you have a lot of coconut waste that you need to process, this machine is going to be a big help: The machine can be used to process any type of coconut shell and it is going to do a good job on your shells. Instead of throwing the coconut shells in the garbage where they are going to fill up the landfill the waste is going to be turned into something very useful that is going to make your life easier.

continuous coconut shell carbonizing machine
Continuous coconut shell carbonizing machine

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Palm Kernel Shell Carbonization Machine Buying Tips

Depends on what industry you’re involved in, you might eventually need to buy a palm kernel shell carbonization machine. You don’t want to go out and buy the first machine you come across. Don’t worry though because we’ve put together a list of buying tips. If you want to ensure you get a quality machine, then make sure you keep these tips in mind.

Palm shell charcoal making machine
Palm shell charcoal making machine

Research Options
Before you shop around for this biomass charcoal making machine, you want to learn what options are out there. These machines are capable of doing many things, but different ones may have different features. You want to find a machine that is durable, reliable and preferably comes with a warranty because the last thing you want is for it to malfunction and be on the hook for costs associated with repairing it. As a general rule of thumb, you want to research as many Palm Kernel Shell Carbonization machines as possible before making a final decision on which one you should buy.

How Much Are You Willing To Pay
These types of rice husk carbonization furnace greatly vary in price, and you can spend as little as a few hundred dollars on one, but don’t expect it to be in excellent condition and it might need to be fixed, or you can spend thousands on one. Generally speaking, if you go for a lesser known brand and/or a used machine, then you won’t spend that much. However, new machines that have never been used before are probably the better investment, especially if you’re going to use it regularly. That being said, make sure you have a good idea of what you are willing to spend on the equipment and don’t go over your budget.

Palm shell charcoal making plant in Uzbekistan
Beston palm shell charcoal making plant in Uzbekistan

Brand Matters
There are many brands that make this kind of charcoal making equipment, so you want to research various brands. Generally speaking, the more reputable and popular brands are known for a reason and it’s usually because they make quality machines and equipment that lasts for a longtime. It may be in your best interest to choose a well-known brand. However, don’t completely write-off lesser known brands of palm kernel shell machines.

What you should do is read reviews of makers of these machines, including charcoal making machine. This can give you a better idea of which brands are worth looking at. Don’t base your decision to buy a palm kernel shell machine solely on reviews, but do consider what is being said in them.

Find A Good Vendor
Finally, you need to find a place that sells these machines. What you want to do is find a reputable vendor that sells quality equipment to deal with palm shell, offers a warranty on the machines they sell and provides good customer service. Ask as many questions as you like, and then you can decide if you should buy from the manufacturer ().

When it comes to buying a palm kernel shell carbonization machine, you want to research your options. Decide what is the most you’re willing to spend on it and then research various brand and vendors. If you do those four things, then eventually you’ll find the right machine at the right price. There is a reliable manufacturer online for your reference: